Protect Housing, Jobs, and Healthcare

The tax reform bill is NOT done and the fight is NOT over. Please join us to defeat this bill! 

UPDATE at 4:30 pm, December 19: The Bill has passed in the House and is now moving quickly to the Senate. Please send a message to your Senators.

Why should you care about this bill?

  • Funding for healthcare, food access, education, and housing are all at risk for years to come. Thanks to the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services, impacts on Philadelphia's homeless community are listed here.
  • The proposed tax cuts would challenge the ability of charitable nonprofits, like Project HOME, to serve our communities because changes to the tax code would drastically reduce charitable giving by as much as $20 billion every year. 
  • This bill will have significant & disastrous impacts on our entire healthcare system, including Medicare, the ACA, and Medicaid and will result in 13 million more uninsured almost immediately. 

Please join us to protect healthcare, housing, and jobs!

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  • Want to call your elected official?

    Phone numbers of your elected officials are provided when you enter your address. You can use the sample email as a script and make a quick phone call to your elected officials office and then send a follow-up email. We especially urge your call your Congressional Representative.

    For more information on the current state of the bill, visit the Coalition for Human Need