Stop Medicaid and SNAP Work Requirements in PA

Legislators in Harrisburg are trying once again to pass a harmful bill that would make it harder for PA families to get the Medicaid coverage and food access they need to stay healthy. 

House Bill 1659 and House Bill 2138 are moving in the PA Senate and would impose new or strengthened work requirements on individuals who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to buy food for their families or Medical Assistance to access basic health care services, respectively. A failure to meet those requirements will result in lose of access to medical care and food. Both of these bills mean that people struggling to work will lose access to vital services. 

  • HB 2138 will create new work requirements for all non-elderly, non-disabled, non-pregnant working age adults who receive Medicaid, and impose lockout periods for an inability to comply. 
  • HB 1659 will subject 90,000 more adults without children to a strict three-month time limit for food assistance, and add a new work requirements for parents who are trying to feed their children, putting food assistance for households with children at risk. 

PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL YOUR STATE SENATOR and urge opposition to both House Bill 1659 and House Bill 2138. This is urgent and timely. The full Senate vote will likely happen October 16. 

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  • In addition to sending an email, please call your State Senator RIGHT NOW and let them know that you oppose any bills that demonize poor people, cut off their access to basic needs, and create new bureaucracies that would cost us millions in state taxes. Here's a sample script:

    I'm calling today to ask Senator _____________ to oppose adding work requirements to Medicaid and expanding work requirements for SNAP (food stamps). Cutting people from healthcare or food assistance won't make it easier for them to find work.

    If you want to connect people with training programs and jobs, fund training programs and jobs programs so that they are available - you don't need to threaten people's access to healthcare or food.

    Work requirements create barriers to all recipients of these programs - including workers and people with disabilities - and jeopardize their benefits if there are any paperwork errors. The only taxpayer "savings" that comes from these bills is from undermining basic living standards and increasing human suffering.

     Please vote no on House Bill 2138 and HB 1659.