TAKE ACTION: Vulnerable People Can't Afford a Shutdown

The federal government has been in a partial shutdown since December 22, when the government failed to pass its annual budget due to disagreements over funding. 

Funding for many federal agencies has lapsed, which poses a threat to the federal programs that meet the most basic needs of vulnerable Americans. We are especially concerned about the shutdown’s impact on programs that help connect people to housing and food.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is one of the seven agencies most directly affected by the shutdown. HUD is currently continuing to fund its affordable housing programs through last year’s leftover appropriations, but it is unclear when the shutdown will end and how long existing funding will last. If the shutdown continues through February, housing officials and advocates say the consequences could potentially be dire for the millions of low-income families who live in HUD-funded housing, resulting in evictions and delay of critical repairs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is another agency significantly impacted by the shutdown. USDA programs that provide food for millions of Americans are at risk of running out of funds. The USDA reported that it only has enough leftover funding to pay for January’s benefits, and its reserve funds do not cover the total projected cost for February. This could affect the 38 million SNAP beneficiaries, 22 million free and reduced-price school meal recipients, 7 million WIC recipients, and millions of others who rely on USDA nutrition programs to meet their needs.

TAKE ACTION: Email your Senators and tell them to urge Senator McConnell to bring the House-passed bills ending the government shutdown to the Senate floor for a vote. Housing and food access can't be collateral in a government shutdown.

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