Tell Congress to Fund Homelessness Programs in New Spending Packages

As COVID numbers grow, direct service workers are finding it harder to keep vulnerable people safe from the disease. Yet the worst is yet to come – the CDC eviction moratorium that is protecting 40 million renters from losing their homes expires on December 31st, which could trigger the largest increase in homelessness in our nation’s history.

While other local programs may lessen the impact, our own eviction moratorium in Philadelphia is set to expire on the same day.

As communities report a rise in unsheltered homelessness, Congress has returned to Washington to consider two key spending bills – continued funding for government operations and the long-delayed COVID relief package. Critical funding for homelessness and housing are proposed in both bills, but there’s no guarantee that Congress will do the right thing. Proven programs that can solve homelessness are more important than ever, but federal resources are needed to pay for this assistance.

We need to tell our Senators and Representatives to act now. Shelters have reduced bed capacity to keep residents and workers safe through social distancing – yet cold weather is upon us and additional shelters are urgently needed. Evicting millions of renters would also be disastrous in the middle of a pandemic.

Email Congress to tell them to include resources for homelessness and housing in the pending appropriations and COVID relief legislation!


For more details about COVID relief, appropriations, and other ways you can help, go here: Coalition for Human Needs or National Alliance to End Homelessness.